アメリカの今を知る:多様性編 – On and off the court: Life lessons from Naomi Osaka「大阪なおみが若者に伝えたいこと」#8


On and off the court: Life lessons from Naomi Osaka 2022/02/10




【Take it from me】
【It takes “will power” to get where you want to be】
【Your beliefs will take you far】
【Honesty can bring you clarity 】
【Give confidence to younger generations】
【Beauty is a uniqueness】



yeah  うん
like みたいな
kind of のような
you know わかるでしょ
i did imagine it  動詞基本形の前のdidは強調
weird 奇妙、異常、キモイ
get to たどり着く
or something か何か

watch players practicing SVOC
had an interest in tennis
started playing tennis 動名詞
what it feels like for it to actually come true
if i were……., i would 仮定法過去
remember wanting 動名詞
have people informed SVOC



  1. 大阪なおみは子供の頃はテニスが嫌いだった。親に無理やりさせられた。〇✕
  2. もし3歳の自分にアドバイスするとしたら・・・・
  3. US Openで誰かの名前が書かれたマスクをして登場しましたが、誰の名前だったのでしょう?何故そのような行動をしたのでしょう?
  4. オリンピックトーチを彼女はどうすると言っているでしょう?
  5. 何故彼女は公の席で自分の正直な意見を述べ続けるのでしょう?
  6. 多民族国家アメリカ、日本人の母とハイチ人の父を持つ自身をどのように受け止めていますか?
  7. KINLOとはどんなブランドですか?




Full Story

that photo is me and my sister mari and we were at the us open

【Take it from me】

yeah it was just like a family tradition to always go to the us open every year
and watch players practicing 選手が練習しているのを見る or watch their matches

as a kid i always had an interest in tennis ~に興味があった
and i started playing ~をし始める tennis when i was three
so it was kind of natural to me 自然だった

you know it’s funny like i did imagine it 想像はしたんだけど
but it’s kind of weird to be living the life right now 今の人生を生きてるのが変な気持ち
because as a kid you always have dreams
but you’re not sure 良くわからない what it feels like for it それがどんな感じだか to actually come true 実現する

if i wereもし・・だったなら to tell the five-year-old me5歳の私に anything for advice,
i would just say ・・だと言うだろう ”keep trying hard” 頑張り続けろ

【It takes 必要とする ”will power” 意思の力 to get where you want to be 行きたい場所に行くのに】

there has to be a certain amount 幾らかの of will power to get to
where you want to get to

that was my third slam win and for me in my previous two その前の二試合
i never really did like the whole celebration一連のお祝い like i could never bring myself 自分の持って行くto like fall on the ground 地面に倒れこむ like everyone else does 皆がするように

so i just remember wanting ・・したのを覚えている to know what they saw when they won

now a touching moment 感動の瞬間 following・・の後の naomi osaka’s u.s open quarterfinal win the tennis superstar have been wearing face masks
with the name the victims of racial injustice and police brutality 人種差別と警察の暴力の犠牲者の名前

i know that during the walk-on 入場 for the tournament
you do have that moment of camera time 撮影
and i feel like it’s important to like have people be a bit more informed人々に知らせる

and they can kind of form their own opinion意見を形成する based on・・に基づいて you know whatever 何であれ they look up 見る  from that moment

i would say what motivated that それの動機付けになったのは was
i guess everything that happened in that year

but i would say for me it was more like going to the city 街に行って and seeing
everything not just in the newsニュースで見たことだけでなく and wanting to help tell their stories 話を伝える手助けがしたかった

【Your beliefs will take you far】

i think if you really believe in 信ずる something
then that belief 信念 should take you to連れていく where you want to go
and whether it be speaking up 声に出す for something
or just believing in yourself 自分を信じる as well
that’s really important

it was me lighting点火する the olympic cauldron which was a really cool experience
and i think like i was so nervous during that entire time最初から最後まで

but definitely something that i’ll frame フレームにして
and i might put it in my house 家に飾る

i honestly don’t know when i’m gonna play my next tennis match

i think i’m gonna take a break from・・からお休みを取る playing for a while

just saying out loud 大きな声で言う  that you know i’ll take a break and
i’ll come back when i’m truly in love with the sport 本当に愛していると思えた時
and i know what i want to do here やりたいこと
it gave me time to reset myself 自分自身をリセットする

i think it was important to me to be public 公にすること
because i would always feel the need to like ・・する必要性を感じる
i guess put my thoughts out there 考えを公にする

【Honesty can bring you clarity 】

i think it gives me clarity 明確さを与えてくれる
and i also feel like being honest with everyone 皆に正直でいること is really important just for myself
i’m not sure if it’s important for everyone else みんなが同じように大切に思っているかは知らないけど

but i feel like it gives me like clarity on
what i want to do and
what i want to accomplish 達成する

that was when i went to the met gala ガラパーティー
and i was actually a coach for that experience

the theme テーマ  for that year’s met was americana アメリカーナ and
i was thinking like for me american means like a mesh of all different cultures 異なる文化の混ざったもの

i think that that’s what’s unique 唯一(無二) about america is
that it has so many different peoples and so many different cultures in it

so i wanted to take my cultures which was japanese and haiti
and i wanted to mesh them together かけ合わせる

so me and my sister um we really wanted to design a dress

i remember when i was like 17 or something
um and i was playing the us open

there was um a couple that came up to me 私に駆け寄ってきた
and they said that they had a biracial daughter 多人種の娘
and um they thought that it was amazing that she had so much representation 表現[描写・表象]

and that i was one of the people that was helping her feel confident in herself 自信を持つ手助けをする

【Give confidence to younger generations】

so i feel like it’s important to give confidence 自信を与える  to the younger generation because you know it’s nice to look on the tv or to look at i guess sports and to see someone that looks like youあなたのような誰かを見る i think that gives you a lot of power

that was my first campaign shootキャンペーン撮影 for kinlo well which honestly was a really a good experience for me

you know i do shoots撮影をする all the time but i’ve never had to do one with a brand that i kind of own 自分が所有するブランド or i found 自身が設立した it or i’m like so creatively invested in 投資した

kinlo was made for people with melanated skinメラニン黒色肌 because
we found that there wasn’t that many sunscreen products available for them

and for me i thought that was really interesting because i travel the world a lot and i didn’t like i didn’t really notice 気付くit because i felt that that was so normal it was made for melanated skin and also just to bring awareness 認知を広めるto the issue 問題 that you know skin cancer皮膚がん  is a thing for every human being out there

【beauty is a uniqueness】

i think to me beauty is a uniqueness
i think it’s amazing how not one person on the world looks the same 同じ人間は一人もいない
and i feel like it’s that uniqueness in yourself that makes you beautiful あなた自身の唯一無二があなたを美しくさせる

so yeah just embracing受け入れる your uniqueness and your individuality〔他の人やものと異なる〕人格、個性 is what makes you beautiful to me



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