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Linkedin Profile: Rumi Takizawa, CPA

  • Born and Raised in Tokyo, the native of Tokyo!
  • UC Berkeley, Class of 1993!
  • Japanese/English Bilingual with the deep understanding of both Japanese and western cultures!
  • Impeccable Credentials & Extensive Experiences!
  • Ex-Big4! Audit & Consulting!
  • Friendly, Diplomatic and Highly professional!
  • Free quotes with no obligation!
  • I am willing to travel upon your request!
  • Major credit cards accepted!
  • Please feel free to contact me using the contact form below or via “Linkedin (All Star 500+)” without hesitation!

通訳・翻訳 / Professional Translation

  • 会議(逐次通訳)/ Meetings and Conferences
  • 商談(逐次通訳)/ Business Talks/Negotiations/Partnerships
  • 視察(逐次通訳)/ Plant, Office and Site Visits
  • 接待(逐次通訳)/ Entertainment (Lunch, Dinner, Drinks and Tours)
  • 契約書(専門翻訳)/ Contracts & Agreements
  • 医療ツーリズム / Medical Tourism
  • 英文メール(ビジネス一般)/ E-mail Correspondences
  • 外国人観光客(総合旅行業務取扱管理者(日本旅行業協会))/ Tours & Sightseeing
  • オリンピック関連 / the Tokyo Olympics
  • 他 / Others

戦略・会計・ビジネス・CPA|コンサルティング|アドバイザリー・サービス/Strategic/Financial/Business Consulting and Advisory Services

  • 顧問契約 or スポット
  • based on a project/monthly basis or spot


  • Please feel free to contact me using the contact form below or via “Linkedin” without hesitation!

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